Laura Demastus Rodriguez | Solid Rock

Laura Demastus Rodriguez | Solid Rock

Thank You

I’m not quite sure how to do this good-bye thing. These past 5 years and 9 months have been crazy, sometimes painful, and beautiful. Yesterday as I was getting my last Dominican pedicure (because how can you not…┬áless than $10 and have someone work on your feet for nearly two hours until they are as soft and smooth as the day you were born. My priorities were obviously in order prepping for this move.), I was copying photos off of Nicole’s computer (4,379 photos to be exact) which lent itself to lots of reminiscing and moments that I had completely forgotten about– Such as this gem…

IMG_3358 (1)

It seems only fitting that right now at 12:57am on the day that my family will transition to a new chapter in Pennsylvania that I am sitting in Nicole’s living room once again. And my favorite fellas are sleeping hard in the room down the hall. Earlier today, as the last of the moving was happening, I sat quietly in my empty apartment, and just breathed it all in.


This past week has been a whirlwind. It didn’t go quite as I imagined, but it came together in important and meaningful ways. Moments that I have loved.




What TREMENDOUS relationships have been formed on both sides of the sea. What an AMAZING life. What a FAITHFUL God. How unequivocably THANKFUL I am.

This verse has been hanging on the wall in my old bedroom for nearly four years, and with this, I will say Good Night


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